The past two decades have seen a significant change in how we respond to our needs. This has also brought about a noticeable build-up of momentum towards a holistic state of well-being as a way to nurture and develop professional as well as personal attributes. A healthy, happy and stress-free mind is more productive and valuable than an overworked individual that puts his/her health & state of mind on the line.

While an increasing number of entrepreneurs, professionals, students and homemakers are looking as mental and physical wellness as a way of life, corporates are yet to adopt a holistic model for the betterment of their people. There is irrefutable data and evidence that emphasizes the criticality of company sponsored wellness programs in India. Such quantitative evidence also guides employers on how they can create an engaging and positive EX (employee experience).

In addition, corporate wellness programs have known to have a positive and proportionate effect and impact on employee productivity, workplace adaptability and attrition, retention, absenteeism rates. Such programs drive their own return on investment (ROI) with higher revenue per employee.


About Us

Who we are?

WoBaCo: Work Balance Company is a B2B cloud engagement firm offering experiential wellness solutions to stimulate the individual in every professional thereby impacting the 3 Business P's - Profitability, Productivity and Performance. 


What we do?

Our smart and comprehensive programs engage all components necessary to create high-performing energy. These components inter-fuse influential characteristics related to mind and body thereby encouraging people to attain a balanced sense of fulfillment in their personal & professional space.

What you get with what we do?

Wellness solutions have multiple proven benefits on not just the conscious but the unconscious and subconscious mind too. More importantly combining wellness with experiential engagement manages crucial issues like stress, burnout and exhaustion, both mental and physical. Some key instant benefits for organizations include - 

  • Reduced health costs
  • Higher engagement
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Low employee turnover
  • Better company culture
  • Easier talent management
  • Higher retention & lower attrition rates


To create a culture of capability building with our ‘Four of More’ initiative thereby addressing the most innate and intrinsic quality of professional fulfillment for both the employer and employees.  


To innovate and drive sustainable human centered best-practices across industries. 

Invest In An Engaged Workforce

To cope with pressure and stress at the workplace

To provide sustainable support that builds cognitive alertness 

To de-stress employees whose best game is fading 

To create a healthy working atmosphere that motivates its people to deliver better 

To engage in mental & physical well being of employees thereby improving quality of their productivity 

To increase employee retention by providing continual growth opportunities 

WoBaCo Advantage

  • Comprehensive: We offer holistic and wholesome options based on needs and goals

  • Flexible: We encourage control over choices and keep scope for personalisation

  • Whole-person approach:  We emphasize on supporting mental and physical wellness in its entirety

  • Evidence based:  Our offerings are based on conducted surveys and research, catering to every employee’s journey map


  • Immersive model:  A role play, comical, learn-by-doing oriented session incorporating live case analysis, storyboarding, brainstorming and much more


  • Ecosystem solution:  Co:llaborated and open co:created network of experts brought together to serve one purpose of wellness


  • Unwavering commitment:  Built upon some of the biggest motivators for individuals, we at WoBaCo understand  engagement drivers

How We make it happen

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